Our story

Both my grandmother and my mother kept pearl accessories in their jewelry boxes. Throughout the years it became my definition of sophistication and modesty. I wanted to convey this while redefining traditional styles of pearl accessories. I took aesthetic cues from my favorite muse, Gustav Klimt. His choice of color and use of symbolism help define what I perceive to be modern and romantic. I hope you find the pieces to be fun, versatile, and elegant.  
                                                                                                                                   - xx Michi 




All images on this website are made by our crew or photographers/bloggers we have collaborated with ( unless stated otherwise) and protected by copyright. Using them is welcomed as long as you properly link back to www.michi-liang.com .

For commercial purposes, it is forbidden to use them without prior consent. Please contact us at info@michi-liang.com for permission. Thank you!


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